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We’re Hiring!

March 3, 2023

The Reva and David Logan Foundation seeks a highly motivated, resourceful self-starter to join its small staff as a full-time as a Administrator / Communications Coordinator.

Please share with your networks or those who may be interested. Position details can be found here

Interested applicants, please submit cover letter and resume combined in one PDF file to by March 17, 2023. In the subject line of the email, enter your first and last name and the position title for which you are applying. In your cover letter, please indicate where you learned of the opening. Applications without cover letters will not be considered.
No phone calls please.

2022: A Year in Review

January 26, 2023

2022 – an exciting year: our team has grown, we’ve moved offices, and witnessed wonderful achievements by stellar organizations in the Arts, Journalism, and Social Justice.

We’re excited for what’s to come in 2023!

a small black girl stares at a colorful abstract painting

As we reflect on the past year, we’d like to share some notes from our program teams:

A Note from Social Justice:

Fresh Produce Program

The Reva and David Logan Foundation implemented a creative Fresh Produce Program that connects farmers to distributors to food pantries to our neighbors in need.  Over 16,800 individuals received hyper fresh fruits and vegetables, the majority sourced from our regional food system which creates a unique circular economic, environmental and social model of production and consumption to combat food apartheid with a focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles and making available nutritious, delicious options.

Community Resource Center Launch

Through our due diligence, research, meetings and close communications, we have secured a building in the Belmont/Cragin neighborhood that will serve as the launch of a Community Resource Center. Strategic in our work, approach, and planning of an appropriate site was identifying an anchor partner. We found that in Onward House.  An integrated vision of the center will engage partners in working together in solidarity, and give them the opportunity to establish long-term goals so their clients can thrive. We continue to learn and stay informed and now have a blueprint for launching other similar centers in communities of great need.

Winter Wear

Each year brutal winters leave hundreds of Chicagoans struggling for warmth and places of safety. This year the Reva and David Logan Foundation invested $1.4M in warm winter gear for 63 partner organizations in Chicagoland. While this effort cannot begin to scratch the surface, we have deep gratitude to our partners who distribute these items to those who need it most – from the cheerful faces of elementary school children to the thousands of asylum seekers who have arrived in Chicago since August.

a Black woman leans over a railing on a porch
Alumna Monica stands outside St Leonard’s Ministries – Grace House

A Note from Journalism:

At this critical time, with attacks on democracy and the advancement of authoritarian governments and policies, journalism has never been so vital. This year we have continued to support those organizations, at local, regional and national levels, that provide quality coverage and engagement to gain back audience trust in the media. 

Support of symposia, education and trainings has continued with increased access in regions such as Latin America. We were thrilled to welcome so many of our grantees at the Logan Symposium in Berkeley and to watch throughout the year as the connections made came to fruition through new investigations and partnerships. 

Awards abound with our journalism grantees but impact is what really matters. We have seen policy change, community engagement, legislation passed and corporations and governments being held to account. 

We believe that now is the time to fund in journalism. We encourage our foundation colleagues and peers to actively support the field to help ensure that the very liberties we hold dear are not slowly eroded… and taken away completely.

Some of the excellent work of our Journalism grantees in 2022:

A Note from the Arts:

The Foundation’s arts team is made up of practicing artists. These members of staff have experience in and out of the Chicago-ecosystem in: visual arts, choreography and dance performance, arts administration, writing, theatre-making, and filmmaking. It has created a direct line of knowledge to advocacy as we champion for our arts leaders in general operating support, multi-year support when applicable, as well as thought-partnership and networking. 

Supporting Arts Workers
Consideration must be taken for the individuals who make up the workforce of an arts organization, the majority of which is contracted labor that does not always equate into equitable pay. We hope to support wage equity goals through capacity building, resource sharing, bridging connections, and inviting risk-taking into building bolder budgets. 

Creating Space
Many arts organizations and individual artists are feeling the strain of limited access to physical spaces or increasing rental prices. We have a continued focus on expanding artist residencies and have garnered capital investments to provide spaces for partner organizations. During the pandemic, when many venues and spaces shuttered their doors, these welcoming environments helped solidify placemaking and foster bold new work without the burden of rent.

The Artist Grant
In 2021, we successfully gathered 7 Chicago-based artists to design and build an individual artist application and evaluate 682 submitted applications. 20 artists were selected and were granted $2,500, no strings attached. Our team has taken a period of reflection to build an even stronger and smoother process in 2023. If you would like to nominate an artist to be a Designer on the next iteration, please contact us at

four artists on stage take a selfie with their young audience
Dream Warriors On Tour, Frank Waln, Tall Paul, Tanaya Winder, and Mic Jordan.
Photo by Lyla June.

pictured from the windows of the art gallery looking in, a bright white space has multiple large multi-colored paintings
Roman Susan – ‘between all saints day and halloween’ by Kevin Stuart. December 2021-January 2022

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The Bloc’s Food Pantry

January 2, 2023

The Bloc is so much more than a nonprofit boxing gym. Run by Jamyle and Juli Cannon since 2016, they have been transforming the lives of Chicago’s youth by providing them with an enriching social and emotional support system, mentoring, and the resources to maximize their potential. Operating out of a new facility in West Humboldt Park, The Bloc offers Olympic-style boxing training, academic support, exploratory learning, and bi-weekly food pantries. Supporting 150 youth annually, they are set to reach 300 by the fall of 2022. At The Bloc they talk about their holistic approach, and besides pastoral care for the youth, The Bloc team runs a hugely successful pantry.

Everything about their pantry bag build is intentional. From the high-quality ingredients provided by Gordon Food Services to the locally sourced pantry staples, each bag contains well balanced, culturally thoughtful, fresh foods.

On Thursdays before the pantry, Fighters join in their civic service by prepping stations, and building the shelf-stable pantry bags as well as household goods.  With the help of Fighters and Volunteer Members, they build 300 bags and distribute to 150 neighbors/families every first and third Friday of the month. The fresh bags are built with tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, lettuce, broccoli, bell peppers, garlic, apples, oranges, and lemons. Their dry bags are built with rice, dry pinto and black beans, vegetable canned goods, broth, pastas, oatmeal and breakfast granola bars. 

By partnering with Gordon Food Services we distribute over 2,200 pounds of high-quality produce directly into their communities. This is significant, because The Bloc is located in one of the highest ranked neighborhoods in Chicago experiencing poverty, with limited access to fresh markets. This disparity makes it particularly difficult for the elderly and disabled community members, who have now come to rely on the Bloc’s accessible nutritional food. 

The typical Friday pantry day begins with a delivery from Gordon Food Services. Not an easy task for the dedicated drivers that drop-off as early as 8am. No matter how heavy the load; Gilbert, Manny, Richard, and Luis always deliver with a smile.  This summer, The Bloc hopes to invite the community to help grow their own foods and fight for self-determination.