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Our approach

The Reva and David Logan Foundation will be a timely catalyst to initiate and support powerful innovative ideas and approaches that challenge the status quo. We encourage our grantees to think radically and act positively to alter society and the world.

Funding guidelines

The Foundation only funds 501(c)3 organizations, or domestic and international organizations and individuals that have relationships with 501(c)3-qualified fiscal sponsors. We base our grant making decisions on these key qualities:


The proposal encompasses a unique approach, proven or experimental, that is likely to deliver outstanding and reliable results.

Potential (Impact)

The applicant’s process will significantly change their field or expand the audience to broaden debate while promoting positive outcomes, diversity and equality.


The proposal contains clear and reachable goals, a reasonable timeframe, a fully-specified plan, and a realistic budget.


In conjunction with the funding and logistical support of our foundation, the applicant has all the necessary resources to accomplish their proposed goals and to carry out the project successfully.

Engagement and Continuity

The applicant understands the importance of sustained commitment to the people they serve.


Investigative journalism, informed by a diversity of opinion and uncompromising in the accuracy of its reported fact, is essential for the health and vitality of civic participation and debate, and consequently the surest protection of our freedoms and democracy.

We support the cultivation of the investigative impulse through inspired teaching, workshops, and symposiums; proactive involvement of the public as partners in the journalistic process; and experimentation with form and delivery.

The arts

We support individuals and organizations that use the creative process as a tool for liberation, social change, conveying information and fact, and as non-violent protest.· The majority of our funding is focused on those companies and troupes based in our hometown of Chicago as they weave the fabric of joy, wonder, diversity and hope throughout our city.

Social justice

Social justice means ensuring all can participate in society without interference, and that the benefits and responsibilities accrued from membership are fairly distributed to all. Concepts should be replicable to leverage the impact of any program. We are always looking to explore new and unique approaches to eradicating structural inequalities.

In the broad scope of this category, we have six main areas of focus: 

Housing: Priority is given to organizations that provide a continuum of care: from shelters to permanent housing. We support those who provide a place of dignity, respect, and stability for those experiencing homelessness with models that include holistic, continuous and sustained support. 

Food Security: Healthy food is a human right. We support those who prioritize the procurement and distribution of fresh, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. This includes food pantries, urban farms, community kitchens, and programs that make food accessible via transportation/delivery.

Youth/ Education: We want young people to feel safe, supported, and confident so they can fulfill their dreams. Priority is given to frameworks that provide ongoing mentorship and exposure to positive role models. We want young people to be inspired and encouraged to take control of their own narratives. 

Incarceration: We support organizations that help expunge criminal records as well as re-entry programs that assist those who have been recently incarcerated successfully re-enter society and overcome the many hurdles placed in their way. 

Mental Health: We support networks that provide compassionate, culturally relevant care in both traditional and alternative approaches that erodes the stigma of mental illness. 

Health Equity: Priority is given to client-centered groups that treat the whole person; where medical, socioeconomic, emotional, and psychological factors are addressed simultaneously.