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Winter Wear Program

Social Justice work at the Foundation endeavors to use a variety of holistic approaches to dismantle systems of oppression. Building collaborative and trusting relationships with community leaders allows space for the creative solutions, healing, direction action, and advocacy needed for micro and macro level change.

This has included an annual endeavor by our Foundation to give over $1 million dollars worth of new high-quality winter weather wear for our neighbors. Partnering with community organizations, pantries, Chicago Public Schools, and more, we help individuals receive essentials to endure Chicago’s harsh winters. We aim to help our elders, neighbors facing unstable housing, students in temporary living situations, refugees, and others face the frigid weather with dignity.

Past distribution partners include: Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Ring of Hope, Care For Real, The Bloc, Pilsen Food Pantry, En Las Tablas Performing Arts, and more.

In 2022, we had over 63 partner organizations distribute $1.4m worth of new winter wear goods.

A special thank you to the volunteers and community organizers who make the distribution of these items to our neighbors possible.