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Young Chicago Authors

Chicago, IL, United States

Through creative writing, Young Chicago Authors helps young people from all backgrounds to understand the importance of their own stories and those of others, so that they can pursue the path they choose and work to make their communities more just and equitable.

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Grant history

Year awarded: 2020
Period: 3 years
Amount awarded: $125,000
Purpose: General Operating Support and Louder Than A Bomb Chicago Youth Poetry Festival
Notes: This grant was ended early due to mismanagement of board of directors and leadership. Originally awarded $375,000.

Year awarded: 2019
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $100,000
Purpose: Louder Than a Bomb Youth Poetry Festival 2019

Year awarded: 2018
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $10,000
Purpose: Summer Artistic Apprenticeship Program: Bomb Squad