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We Keep You Rollin’

Chicago, IL, United States

$15,000 one-year grant for General Operating Support We Keep You Rollin', established in 2015, wants to increase the capacity, for all ages, to ride bicycles safely and create a more livable, sustainable and vibrant community while increasing one's wellness and quality of life. The organization advocates for the city to improve biking infrastructure, conducts pop-up safety workshops, and distributes free helmets and other safety gear. The "Earn A Bike" program encourages participants to do something "Good in the Hood" by earning points towards a new/like new bicycle. Their largest ongoing project is the 9th Annual "Legacy" Bike Ride.

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Grant history

Year awarded: 2023
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $15,000
Purpose: General Operating Support
Notes: Fiscal Sponsor: Openlands