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Kuumba Lynx

Chicago, IL, United States

Kuumba Lynx is committed to the lives of youth using urban art and performance to cultivate strong communities built on a foundation of love. For 2 decades, they have honed an arts-making practice that presents, preserves and promotes Hip Hop as a tool to resist systemic violence where youth can reimagine and demonstrate a more just world.

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Grant history

Year awarded: 2021
Period: 2 years
Amount awarded: $200,000
Purpose: Capacity Building

Year awarded: 2021
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $20,000
Purpose: 2021 Mutual Aid Fund
Notes: Kuumba Lynx provides mutual-aid support for birthing families with essential needs, needed items for their community members, and cash assistance for housing, utilities, and more.

Year awarded: 2018
Period: 3 years
Amount awarded: $255,000
Purpose: Capacity Building and Staffing Support