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Brighton Park Neighborhood Council

Chicago, IL, United States

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council is a community-based organization in a predominantly Latinx, working class neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side. Their mission is to create a safer community, improve the learning environment at public schools, preserve affordable housing, provide a voice for youth, protect immigrants' rights, promote gender equity, and end all forms of violence.

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Grant history

Year awarded: 2021
Period: 3 years
Amount awarded: $621,110
Purpose: College Success Program

Year awarded: 2021
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $40,000
Purpose: Youth Career Pathways
Notes: Youth Career Pathways is a program that will build new career skills by introducing seniors from Kelly College Prep and Curie Metro High School to Daley College’s Manufacturing Program. The two-tier program includes recruitment, career readiness training, sector-specific training and certification, work-based learning, and comprehensive case management.

Year awarded: 2020
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $180,000
Purpose: COVID-19 Emergency Relief – Food and Rental Assistance
Notes: The Emergency Response Fund will support over 166 very low income/no income families who are ineligible for the federal or state benefits. This program will focus primarily on food insecurity by providing cash cards to a local grocery chain, Pete’s Market. For clients who are receiving LINK benefits, but have no other income due to the COVID19 crisis, funds will be converted to rental assistance.