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Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA, United States

The Investigative Reporting Program promotes investigative reporting through its hospital teaching model where it works closely with students to develop and publish their own work. Through innovative methods, they aim to be at the forefront of the next generation of more diverse investigative reporters.

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Grant history

Year awarded: 2020
Period: 1 year
Amount awarded: $150,000
Purpose: Editors for the Investigative Reporting Program
Notes: Fiscal Sponsor: Regents of the University of California

Year awarded: 2020
Period: 3 years
Amount awarded: $275,000
Purpose: IRP Fellowship and Response Fund
Notes: Fiscal Sponsor: Regents of the University of California. Investigative Reporting Program's fellowship enables proven journalists to work for one year with salary, benefits, and editorial guidance, as well as access to resources and equipment. The Response Fund is additional support providing all the resources necessary for IRP's students to do the best reporting possible.

Year awarded: 2019
Period: 5 years
Amount awarded: $100,000
Purpose: Reva and David Logan Symposium on Investigative Reporting
Notes: Fiscal Sponsor: Regents of the University of California. The Logan Symposium brings together top reporters, producers, editors, filmmakers, government officials, media attorneys and philanthropists to address the challenges facing investigative journalism. The symposium allows journalists to keep up with changes in research and reporting on investigative stories, as well as evolving legal, technological, and safety issues associated with their work. It also provides a unique networking opportunity for journalists, media organizations and government sources. Due to the pandemic, The Logan Symposium was deferred to 2022. As costs to produce the symposium increased, this grant was ended early and a new grant was awarded in 2023. Originally awarded $150,000.